Program valid for Saturday only:

  • 7,30 –8,30    Cat entrance and veterinarian inspection.
    Cat that will be presented for both days, will be inspected on Saturday only                

    Further news will be sent to each exhibitor few days before the show
  • 9,15 Secretariat accepts changes of the classes or correction to the catalogue. Start of the Control class
  • 9,30 Special Norwegian Forest
  • 10,00 Start of the judging
  • 15,30 Best in Show 
  • 19,00 End of the show
  • 21,00 Gala Dinner in the  Restaurant  

Program valid for Sunday only:

  • 7,30 –8,30 Cat entrance and veterinarian inspection.
    For Cats that will be presented  on Sunday only               
  • 8,30 – 8,45 Secretariat accepts changes of the classes or correction to the catalogue
  • 8,45 – 9,00 Control classes
  • 9,30 start of the judgings
  • 15,00  Best in Show 
  • 19,00 End of the show

It is forbitten to leave the show hall with the cats before the end (19:00)

ANFI rules valid from 1st July 2015

In the cat show hall is forbidden the access of any land animal alive ( mammals , birds , reptiles ) except cats entered in the catalog.

 In particular, it is forbidden to exhibitors and visitors to introduce dogs of any size and age and / or cats that are not registered in the catalog and that do not pass the veterinary inspection for admission .

 The animals owned by the judges and the staff involved in the show , can be placed  in specific dedicated locations or cages that will be provided by the Organizing Committee and Secretariat allocated at the discretion of the Organizing Committee .