Veterinarian requirements

Cats accepted for the exhibition must be healthy, free from viruses and parasites diseases.  All cats must be vaccinated against rabies (aged up to 5 months), respiratory viral disease and panleucopenia at least 30 days, but no more than 12 months prior to the show, pet passport is request.
Cats for the show should have their nails cut and white cats must present certificate which states that bilateral deafness is not present.  

Only kittens aged more than 4 months can be entered at the show
At the Show
Only cats older than 4 months, listed in the catalogue and which have passed the veterinary control will be authorized to enter the Show.In accordance with FIFe Rules, during the exhibition cats must remain in assigned cages. Moving of cages or changing numbers is strictly prohibited. Cats are not allowed to stay into the cages during the night. Exhibitors are allowed to present their cats to the Judge.In the cages must be placed, drinkable water, litter sand, catfood.
Participation is open to all FIFe cats provided that they are regularly registered in the L.O. or Riex book in their own Country. The entries must be signed by the Club at which they belong.
For organization reasons, the Organizing Committee has the authority to substitute the Judges that are unable to come or to call the new Judges if necessary.

ANFI rules valid from 1st July 2015

In the cat show hall is forbidden the access of any land animal alive ( mammals , birds , reptiles ) except cats entered in the catalog.

 In particular, it is forbidden to exhibitors and visitors to introduce dogs of any size and age and / or cats that are not registered in the catalog and that do not pass the veterinary inspection for admission .

 The animals owned by the judges and the staff involved in the show , can be placed  in specific dedicated locations or cages that will be provided by the Organizing Committee and Secretariat allocated at the discretion of the Organizing Committee .